Friday, March 30, 2007

Previous Experience.

The past two days at work (Wednesday and today) have been a total learning experience. Just when I thought I knew everything there is to know about caring for children (ha-ha) I realize that I've never taken care of a really sick kid before. You know, when it's coming out from both ends and it's all you can do to just gag and pray you don't throw up.

A really sick kid. Who's too sick to do much of anything but lay on the couch all morning and take a nap all afternoon. Who is hotter that dad's hottest beef jerky ("hotter than hell...even the devil won't eat it") and keeps crying because "my belly hurts!"

A really sick kid. Who is standing on the couch alternately crying and laying her head down because her caregiver is running around trying to clean up, change her own clothes, and get her in the bathtub before the mess gets worse. (My pants are still in the dryer.)

A really sick kid. Who needs to get in the bath tub to rinse off because she's covered in what came out of one one the ends but she wont, not yet, because the bathtub is too loud and once she gets in, stands there crying because she got wet and you have to bribe her with medicine to sit down in the tub so you can wash her off. (Don't worry, it was time for her to take her medicine anyways.)

Sometimes, durring these past couple of days, I would get really frustrated. I just wanted her to stop crying and understand that I was trying to help her and make her feel better. But all she knew is that her belly hurt, her bottom hurt, and she's really tired of being sick. And even though I get really frustrated and want to scream, it's that sad look on her face that softens my heart. Because I know that right now, she feels a million times worse than I do.

It's days like today that I am so grateful that I am a nanny. I'm learning all sorts of things that will be truly useful in another life. Someday, when I'm not just the nanny, I'm the mommy, I'll be taking care of my own really sick kid, and I'll be grateful for the previous experience.

Always, I'll be infinitely grateful for the family that accepted me into their home three days a week. The parents that trusted me with their whole world and the children that loved me.



Anonymous said...

So when is your man going to put the rock on those digits and get into the business of making you a mommy?

Tokyo Pink said...

You're awesome, opossum. Can you take care of my sick babies when they come around?

Tiffany said...

anon: when the time is right, i suppose

mary: ha-ha-ha. no.


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