Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Molly Ringwald as Sweet Charity

What a fun show! I had a thoroughly good time. Granted, I didn't know that Charity Hope Valentine was a dance hall hostess before I saw it and was thus unprepared for the harsh women with Brooklyn accents in short slip dresses. Don't let the poster fool you, Molly's skirt did not have a second tier of flounce. Just one.

Sweet Charity is about Charity Hope Valentine, played by Molly Ringwald, a dance hall hostess with bad luck when it comes to love. She's the kind of girl that falls hard and quick. Charity is determined to make it out of the dance hall, but she doesn't quite know how.

My favorite scene? The one in Vittorio Vidal's apartment, it was so funny!. Mike's favorite was right before that, at the Pompeii Club with the all teals, purples, and blacks and the unique choreography.

What's more? After the show, Mike and I went to the Cazbah for the cast party and I got to meet the once-upon-a-time-teen-queen herself.

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