Thursday, March 22, 2007

I was just wondering if someone could tell me when life starts making sense?

I'm sitting here listening to a mix of Michael Buble, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Bobby Darin. There is a thick slice of frosted marble cake next to me and I am typing between bites. I just finished a great deal of algebra homework.

Just to note about algebra: logarithms aren't as hard as I anticipated; they just have a scary name.

Actually, I don't really feel like blogging, but I feel like I should. Yes, I know, I make so much sense.

I'm torn about so many things lately. One issue is something that I cannot do anything about. I love school--enough to want to do well, at least. What would be idea? The ability to focus on school. Just school, no work, for the first time since I graduated high school and started working at JCPenney's. I do not recommend doing this--working at JCPenney's, I mean. At least, not the Greenville store. It wasn't the best place to work when I worked there and I hear it has gone downhill since. It's funny how normal things become when you see them everyday. Like mothers shoplifting via putting a ton of clothes in their strollers or something.

I digress.

Okay, so, I want to go to school. Well, I am going to school. I'd like to be able to focus on school. I'd like to be able to up my course load. I'd like to take six classes a semester and have SUMMERS OFF. Okay, yes, I know that summers off is a thing of the past. They do not actually exist anymore. I know. I'd like to take three classes a day, every day that school is in session. Then I would only sit in a desk for 4 hours and 15 minutes as opposed to 6 hours. Yes, that would be better.

Thus comes my predicament. I have a job--as most of us do. I LOVE my job. I am absolutely blessed to be paid well to play with two adorable children who love me (most of the time, ha-ha). So, obviously, I don't want to quit. And even if I did want to, it's not like I can. This (super-awesome) apartment won't pay the rent itself.

Oh wait--it's not really a predicament, is it? It's just life.

I'm going to school for journalism. I've hopped from major to major. Associates of Arts, Office Systems Communications, Computer Networking (yes...I actually liked that stuff), Child Psychology, Developmental Psychology, etc. But I've finally settled on journalism. Makes sense, right? I like to write and all. Despite my journalism (read: non-fiction) major, I'm taking a creative writing (read: fiction) class. I'd like to write a novel one day. Wouldn't that just be oh-so-cool? But to be honest, I'm not much of a fiction writer. I do a little that you can check out at Not Really An Artist. But guess what, the short story I turned into class? That wasn't even fiction. I got an A (read: 100%) on it and all, but it was all true. Speaking of that 100%, I'm totally NOT growing as a writer in this class. I got ZERO feedback on my story? He corrected a few commas and that's it. I supposed I should be grateful. This must mean I'm superb and need to quit my job and school and hook up with a publisher and start putting out them novels. Wait--no. So, I've sent my story to my old ENG 102 professor who was pretty cool.

You can ask me for the story if you want. I might let you read it. There are high qualifications for reading it though. I think because it's true. Isn't that funny? Me, a blog writer, censoring who reads my stuff.

Okay, it's time for me to go to bed (past that actually).

I'm done rambling.



Anonymous said...

You really should try to get a job in a field related to journalism before you graduate to make sure you like it. It doesn't have to be paid work. You could report on local city council meetings or something like that, as long as it's a regular thing. Don't worry about writing fiction, that isn't really what you're interested in anyways.

Are you doing Natural Logs yet? Those are a little more difficult, or fun depending on how you like that stuff.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I'd like to read your story, and I completely understand the (ironic) sensoring. :-)


1. One of my favorite songs is "We are the Pirates who don't do anything" by VeggieTales.

2. I'm very hungry right now, and I have apple yogurt in the fridge, just waiting for me to finish typing this comment.

3. It's about to rain outside.

4. I have a small cuticle on my right thumb that is sticking up, and needs some attention before it gets painful.

5. My office is on street-level, and the walls are thin enough that I get to overhear conversations of pedestrians. (Way cool!)

So am I qualified enough? :-)

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

(Just being silly today)

Tiffany said...

anon - I might be doing Natural Logs...but I don't know. I know I've heard my prof say that before though.

missy - yay for silliness. your comments made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I think you're doing base ten logs still. Everything changes when you get into the e. You'll love the e and it's crazy 2.7 lovin self! It's cra-a-zy!

Tiffany said...

oooooh yeah! Natural logs. ln! Yeah, we're doing those. I like the e. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yep, you've got it now :)

Tokyo Pink said...

Wait... is this the story from your other blog? Is that a closed blog? I thought anyone could read it... By the way, Missy.... the pirates who don't do anything is an AWESOME SONG!!!

Tiffany said...

don't think you are so special, mary. the other blog is not a closed blog. it is open to anyone (me ♥ traffic) that's just a random story i though of. loosely based on reality, though the central character isn't me. i'll send you the other story. you're in it. i think in my short story your character is "my sister."

how original

Tokyo Pink said...

That is original! Send send send!!!

Tokyo Pink said...

Pshhtt... I'm not REALLY in it. Oh well... that's an amazing and heart wrenching story. I'm glad to have shared in it with you. Your first reaction shocked me, actually. But, wow, it's a great story

Tiffany said...

Ahem: i do believe my e-mail said feedback on my actual writing! i need some!

Tokyo Pink said...

*sigh* don't I have enough with the classes? I kid. Give me time. Signed, your loveable english major


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