Friday, March 2, 2007

High Steppin' It In Greenville

Last night, Mike and I went to High Cotton. I was pretty excited about it all. High Cotton doesn't open until March 5th, and this was a "preview night." We weren't sure what to expect but really hoped that there would be some good food there. From Mike's place, we were able to get there without even stepping a foot outside. How cool is that?

It's a really posh restaurant. Nicer, even, than Restaurant O. (At least, that's what Mike says...I've never ventured inside Restaurant O.) The color palate, decor, and artwork are all very cool. There are three levels and I think this is how it works: The top level is the Falls Park Room, a private room that looks over the bar and can be sectioned off by glass partitions. The main level included the bar area, dining area, and the Board Room, another private room that looks out onto the lowest level. The lowest level is a dining area.

The waiters were walking around with appetizers and wine. (Which were all superb!) It was a very posh party. The attendees were important Greenville people...and us. Haha, that's sort of how it felt. There were a few other people from Mike's building though. What it felt like was a networking event for Greenville business people who would talk, laugh, introduce and be introduced. They would inhale appetizers while standing in the corner even though there were tables and chairs right next to them.

Unfortunately, there wasn't any sit down dinner. So, after wandering around, sipping wine, snacking appetizers, and people watching, Mike and I made our way (in the rain, haha) to Rick Erwin's. We were promptly seated and waited on by one of Mike's friends. I had a the best steak I've ever had in my entire life and Mike had this super good chicken pasta. I had a Riesling, he had a Merlot, and we shared our meals. It was very yummy.

Then we walked through the rain back to Mike's place and watched "Thank You For Smoking."


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