Sunday, March 25, 2007

Early Morning Rambles (as opposed to, you know, late night ones)

I skipped yesterday. I apologize to anyone who checks my blogs as I religiously check theirs. If I do this, then you are probably: MilwaukeeGirl, TokyoPink, Missy, Esin, or FileGirl.


I think I'm going to start obsessively reading more blogs. ( If think that your blog is really cool, then leave me the link. I want to read it.) The huge list to the right simply isn't huge enough. Mostly because no one posts as chronically as my sister. Or as she used to a few weeks ago. I don't know what her problem is...maybe she got a social life or something and is now too good to blog a gazillion times a day. (Love you, Lou!!!)

I went to a wedding yesterday at the Gassaway Mansion. It was very sweet. The bride was so beautiful. The food was good too, that's what Mike will tell you.

After the wedding, Mike and I hung out at his place. He watched DIV II basketball (March Madness didn't start until 4:05pm). I did homework. More logarithms...mmmm.

ln(4x-2) - ln4 = -ln(x-2)
log7(4x) – log7(x+3)+ = log7x

After I got burned out on logarithms, I joined Mike in watching basketball. The game had an AWESOME ending.

I got my skelaxin yesterday. It says it is just for neck pain. And of this I was unaware. This annoys me, because what about my back pain? You know...for my crooked back. Ah well, neck muscle relaxers are better than none at all.

I woke up very early this morning. Six AM early. Even though my alarm will not go off until nine AM. My apartment is sans AC and until I get that fixed, I keep my windows open at night so I don't, you know, drown in a pool of sweat. The problem with keeping windows open is that you can hear what goes on outside. Like the BIRDS outside my window. They are thoughtful birds who wanted to sing me good morning songs. But their timing is totally off because they were, as I said earlier, THREE hours too early. I didn't get to bed until one. Thank you Lord for every-other-Monday-off. I couldn't sleep. Eventually, I succumed to the pressures of Sundays-in-Lent. When Lenten promises "don't count" and I can check MySpace and Facebook. Checking MySpace and Facebook once a week gives me an idea of how mostly-pointless these things are. I really only use them for stalking. As TokyoPink says: "i prefer to stalk people on Facebook... the new feed practically does it for you."

My outlet is my blog, "social networking" sites are just a nifty way to be friends without having to actually be friends with anybody.



Anonymous said...

I think people blog more in winter, when there is less to do outside.

Anonymous said...

Skelaxin is a great name for a drug. It sounds very Harry Potter like.

Tokyo Pink said...

It's not that they don't count, it's that you should celebrate on Sundays. Same with feast days. You can check your myspace on St. Patrick's day (or you could have) because you should be celebrating with all the saints!!! Wait... do you still believe in feast days? If not, that's just more days that I can have cake and you can't check your myspace! (actually, not on St. Patrick's, Joseph's or Benedict's day did the caf make cake!!!)

I've been out of town... I wrote a long blog today

Tokyo Pink said...

And one more thing: Oh, Tiffany!!! Skelaxin does not differentiate between your neck and your back. Skelaxin is a muscle relaxant, not a back or neck relaxant... Actually, I think it's more of a sedative, but it is prescribed for muscle relaxing purposes... usually in conjunction with rest, phys. therapy or whatever else you are using for your muscle relaxing...

Tiffany said...

i like skelaxin because it sounds like "chill-axin" and that what you do after you take it.

a sedative? Oooooh...
twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go-oh-oh
i wanna be sedated
nothin to do
nowhere to go-oh-oh
i wanna be sedated

Tokyo Pink said...

You have fun chillaxin' with your Ramones, sis

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Hee-hee! Your last sentence of the post made me laugh. :-)


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