Friday, March 23, 2007

Bob Jones Experiences

We were all supposed to go to the Bible Conference together, but Mike and I ended up not being able to. Despite my get-off-work-early-ness. I was looking forward to bible conference because, really, I look forward to every Bob Jones experience. It's a completely different culture that fascinates me sometimes. I discuss Artist Series here. I think it's great that girls at BJU have to wear skirts. It adds a femininity to our culture that is so lost. I used to think that it would be so cool to be "one of the guys" but now I'm happy to be a very girly-girl. What's more, Mike likes that I'm feminine.

Mike knows the Bob Jones part, I know the Catholic part and this is the conclusion that we have come to: they're not all that different. Sure, there are major dogmatic differences and all, but as far as practice goes, v. v. similar. Yes, it's true.

Anyway, Mike and I headed to BJU. The place was packed with cars, but not a soul in sight. The Bible Conference was running late. When the masses were released, the entire campus was swarmed by people in their Sunday best making their way to their minivans. We picked up Mike's family from the the amphitheater/auditorium thing and we headed to Stax Omega for desserts. Mmmm...I got a chocolate shake with a side of fries.


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