Monday, March 26, 2007

As far as our relationship goes...

I really should be working on the Nation's budget right now. I don't think I've had an 'xoxox' post in a while and I've just got to say what a lucky girl I am.

I'm here at Mike's because he's letting me do my laundry while he's out playing ball. Doing your laundry at your boyfriend's house is a tricky thing because doing your laundry involves washing and sorting your underwear. And you don't want your boyfriend to see said underwear. So, it's a good thing that he's playing ball and I don't have to sneaky my freshly washed undies under towels while he's watching TV.

But washing laundry is not the only thing that makes me so lucky.

Other reasons, as far as our relationship goes, that make me so blessed:

  1. He thinks I'm the prettiest girl there is. I think every woman needs a man who thinks she is more beautiful than all the rest. Today, he said, "I think you are more beautiful that I have ever seen you!"
  2. Likewise, I think he is pretty much the best-looking guy out there. The words "ridiculously good looking" come to mind. ;-)
  3. He is making me dinner tomorrow night!
  4. He and I have serious good conversations about life, God, philosophy.
  5. The man I love is passionate about God.
  6. We both share a deep desire to do good in life and in our relationship.
It's silly, but I get excited every time he calls. I love that he comes up and hugs me all the time. I cannot wait until he takes me home at so I can get my one goodnight kiss.

The important thing I've learned though is that, while he is my uncommonly good man, he is still a man. One should always be careful to not idolize a man or her relationship with that man. God showed me this a little over a month ago. Ever since, I've been trying harder than ever to focus on His will being done in my life. Giving Him control of my life and my relationship is wonderful, because I know that if I simply trust in Him, things will turn out splendidly. It gives me such a peace, even if I don't know exactly when, where, or what "splendidly" may mean!



Anonymous said...

What kind of ball?

Tiffany said...

The basket kind.

Speaking of which, I totally kicked his butt on the brackets. He's got Kansas winning.

He feels blessed to have a girlfriend who watches all of the NCAA tournament with him! Ha-ha.

Anonymous said...

Hey that's super. Hope you were in a pool.


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