Monday, February 26, 2007


Mili dreams of being a famous actress one day. She is on the dance troupe of a movie, but nothing more than a back-up girl. Munna, Mili's friend, helps her to make it big. Mili gets her big break when Kamal, a famous actor, wants Mili as the heroine of his next big film, Rangeela (Colorful One). Mili and Kamal get very close and Munna feels completely left out of Mili's new world and unable to compete with big-shot Kamal. Both Kamal and Munna are in love with her, oblivious to Mili. Who will she choose?

The movie starts out really slow, but that's how I hear a lot of Hindi movies are. It is also incredibly cheesy...more so, I am told from friend who are much more Bollywood savvy than I, that most Hindi movies. There is, of course, a lot of singing and dancing. Not unlike a 1980's Pepsi commercial. Mili looks awkward when she dances. Kamal looks REALLY bad in a speedo. Munna looks like an Indian George Michael.

It sucks you in and you continue to watch the bad acting and dancing because you want to know who Mili chooses! It was definitely entertaining. I loved the music.

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Tokyo Pink said...

I still don't get it


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