Friday, February 2, 2007

Naturally Sinful

Alex and I had another extended conversation about sin.
It's hard to explain sin to a three (four in April) year old. I told him that when he sins, it makes Jesus sad. I asked Alex if he remembered about Jesus dying on the cross. Alex has shown me the picture in his preschoolers bible with Jesus on the cross. He goes into serious mode and looks at the sadly looks at the picture before telling me that "the mean men" put the nails in Jesus and put him on the cross. Alex and I talked about how much it must hurt to have nails in your hands! I told Alex that Jesus did that for him. "We shouldn't sin," I said, "because Jesus died to give us life."
Instead of putting him in a regular timeout, I told Alex that I was going to leave the room. I told him that I wanted him to apologize, not to me, but to Jesus. I told him that he should think about what he did wrong and tell Jesus how sorry he was and also how much he loved Jesus.
In wonder if this is all a little too deep for him, but there's no harm in starting early.
♥Tiffany♥ "That's my son...he's depraved." ~my wonderful shepherding group leader.


DarthImmortal said...

If Jesus died for the sins of everybody then why would he care if we sinned. He has already accounted for all of them?

It would probably be more important if he apologized to you instead of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Seems a little too deep for someone who's just barely learned not to poo in his own pants yes? :) Eh, but I know not a thing about raising children, so I say roll with it if you think it's a winning strategy.


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