Wednesday, February 14, 2007

THE MENU -- subject to change based on my budget

SMALL TAPASOlivesNutsAssorted cheesesBreadsticks(possible) Veggie plate
LARGE TAPASTomato & Cheese Bruschetta Mushroom Caps in Garlic SauceHerbed Chick Tapas(possible) Spiced Edamame(possible) Grilled Garlic Shrimp
DESERTSShortbreadFruit Salad(possible) Ice Cream(possible) Valentine’s cookie

and of course lots of wine (and sparkling cider/grape juice for the non-alcoholic sort)...Yay! My dinner party is comming together!


1 comment:

Little Miss Christine said...

i am so glad that everything is coming together for you. how i wish i could come, but - alas - i have a date with Billy Joel.


tomorrow: yay. can't wait.


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