Tuesday, February 27, 2007

memoirs of a girl-poet

Feeling particularly pensive right now but not sure why.

I went shopping this morning. I bought:
  • a swiffer (wet & dry)
  • a swiffer carpet flick (it was only, like 12 bucks and I don't really need to shell out for a real vacume because i know that mine/mary's it out there somethere
  • trouser socks
  • two menswear blouses (for 8.98 each)
  • a super-cute blouse (for 3.74!)
  • a cute lightweight twill blazer-type jacket. (18.98...I may return it because I'm not sure about it.)
  • a folder (for school)
  • toothpaste (my "kiss me mint" toothpaste makes me gag...even if it does match my bathroom.)
  • notecards (for about 2 bucks...correspondence is essential)
I still need an iron. I looked around for that spray stuff that they used to sell that would take the wrinkles out of your clothes. You know, college student's best friend? Well, I couldn't find any.

You may be interested in knowing that I've started working on my memoirs--whatever that means.



Amateur said...

I begin interest your memoir now and I'll follow too

Noah said...

Hi. You don't know me either, but you posted a comment on my blog once. I was reading through old entries, and just wanted to say thanks. Your simple comment really made my day back then. Shine on Tiffany Anne. God has a plan for your life. :)


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