Monday, February 5, 2007

i promised to wait

i cried out,
dear Lord
and You heard me
and i was amazed

i guess i should not have been

i was so desperate
You know
when i asked what i asked that night
and i guess i was a little skeptical too
forgive me, Father

my request was so specific
and i was so scared
i wanted to be sure that it was not all for vain
so i asked to know
and that You would let me know
in such a way that there could be no doubt

i asked specifically
dear Lord
to hear it come straight from his lips
You, dear Lord
answered my request

in wanting to do
what You want me to do
You told me what to do

so i will

i won't make assumptions
i've done that before
dear Lord
and it was unfortunate

i can do nothing more than rely on You
so i will wait, Father,
for Your will

1 comment:

Daddy said...

I won't pretend that I understand how to navigate the world you are in - nor why it's important to post your heart on the internet for all to see - but from where I was able to go and what I was able to read, it's very nice. I can't tell what are your pictures and your writting yet - how do I tell the difference? But I am sure that the poem I just read was from your heart and it was beautiful. While you wait - I'll keep learning. I love you dearly: Daddy


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