Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"Thank the Lord for happy hearts and sunny weather."

I'm wondering if I was just a little too mean. He was good all day. But I guess I did give him an ultimatum. "Sit here for three minutes--no fussing--or we're going home."

He didn't get put in time-out for running up the stairs. No, he got put in time out for not listening to me. But he wouldn't sit in timeout. There was a movie going. So, I gave him the ultimatum. Maybe I was too harsh; maybe I wasn't. But at the very least, he is a little bit closer to knowing that I mean business.

I feel awful about looking like the bad person in front of the other babysitters and the other kids. But I feel like if we don't nip it in the bud (that really has already blossomed!) then it will just get worse and worse. So, I don't tolerate.

Alex is being good again. He ate a good lunch and cleared his plate and is playing nicely. My heart, however, is racing from the rush of carrying a screaming kid across the street while trying to get his sister to walk just a little faster. Disciplining him while he's yelling in my face and telling his sister with a smile that everything is okay, that Alex is just upset. And eventually, taking a deep breath and talking to him gently until he'll listen.

So maybe the day didn't start off like I wanted, but it's still going okay. God is giving me amazing strength and patience. This day isn't going to count as anything but a good day.

"Hey, I love you."
::flys airplane around office::
"Do you love me?"
"Are you mad at me?"
::flys airplane around kitchen::


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