Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's be honest...I'm just not that into you!

He's trying to get me to laugh. That girl in the front row keeps giggling at every little thing he says! But there is just one thing that makes her laughter annoying--he's just not that funny. Okay, so, occasionally he'll say something humorous (usually his paranoia) and keep the whole class at a moderate chuckle for a minute or so...even me, I must confess.

But mostly, I won't laugh.

He looks at me intently and babbles on about another 'ism' and his head seems to wobble on it's pedestal. He does this several times while saying something that makes the girl two seats down from me titter. I don't look away and I don't laugh. Once he goes on to intently staring down the next poor soul (who inevitably smiles to get him to look away) I look around desparately for some duct tape so that I can tape the girl who--bless her heart--is giggling so much she cannot seem to stay in her chair.

Though he is lecturing on things which I find very interesting, I find he is drawn out and I cannot pay attention. Once I have the meager notes copied, all I can see is the small white button straining in his middle where his shirt is tightest. And his pudgy fingers, the fourth of the left of which is made seemingly fatter by a tight gold band.

Tell me, why is it that all my male teaches this semester find the need to wear silver hoops in their ears?

Thus far, school is easy. Far too easy for me to be at ease with--no pun intended. We've had group work twice already in American Government (covering questions that were SUPPOSED to be homework), though hopefully once the bookstore has an ample supply of "The Struggle for Democracy" this will be a thing of the past. In College Algebra (with modeling...whatever that means), we spent what may come to, over the days, a total of one whole class period talking about how to use a ti-83 and have spent far too much time learning about vertical line tests. (Honestly, isn't that pretty self-explanitory?) Speech was canceled today and will be canceled again on the 23rd which will put us a whole week behind. I've yet to write anything in Creative Writing. I have yet to skip a class--though I've only had 11 chances thus far--let's hope I continue to actually go to all my classes this semester. If school continues to be this dishearteningly easy, I may very well get more A's than C's like I hope to...though not for the proper effort.

I do enjoy school. Do you know what would be ideal? To be able to go to just school. If I could for this semester and the next not work and just go to school every day. I would be able to take 15 or 18 hours and get my AA much sooner. Once I get my Associate's Degree (at the end of 2007) I hope to move into some sort of meager part-time job that would enable me to get my foot in the door for something more journalism geared.


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