Saturday, January 20, 2007

jounalism major? yeah right..

Mike told me on our date last night that there were errors in my blog--such as using the wrong form of their/there/they're.

WHAT? How incredibly embarassing!

Perhaps though, more embarssing for Correct-o who has never caught a grammar error on my blog.

Mike and I caught FIVE errors on the first page with about 1-2 spelling/gramatical errors per blog post.

Our date, by the way, was super fabulous. We went to the Cazbah and shared a bottle of wine and a bunch of tapas followed by white chocolate/carmel fondu for desert. It was one of those great dates where you have fun the entire time talking, laughing, holding hands across the table and gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. Okay, I'll stop making you sick now.

Mike is listening to "Intergalactic Planetary"...oh yeah. I'll stir-fry you in my wok!


1 comment:

Tokyo Pink said...

maybe I didn't want to point them out!!! I've actually stopped doing that so much b/c it's so annoying


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