Sunday, January 14, 2007

Detroit Basketball

The much anticipated game was last Friday, January 12. For Christmas, I bought Mike tickets to see the Detroit Pistons play the Atlanta Hawks. (A game that was sure to be a win for us!) I took a half day of work and picked up some Pita House for lunch. Yum yum! Soon after lunch, we hopped in the car and made the seemingly very long journey to Atlanta. (The trip only takes about two hours or so, but it seems so long!)

We ate dinner at a sports bar called Jack & Jills that had about fifteen TVs on every wall as well as every sports flag you could imagine. (Yes, even the Detroit Lions.) Everywhere we looked, there were fellow Detroit Pistons fans--Wallace jerseys on big and small.

Our seats for the game were at the front of the second deck; not the best seats, but they were still pretty good. The was a lively preshow with miniature steppers from a local school and well endowed women in skimpy clothing, but the real delight was when the players finally made their way to the court.

Hawks made the first score of the game about half a second after the clock started. If you think that this was a bad omen for our beloved Pistons, you are right. (Now, to be fair, Chauncey Billups wasn't playing.) The Hawks were on the ball, in the zone, at the height of their ever you want to put it, they played good--too bad I'm not Hawks fan.

"Thundersticks" (I found a picture of a bunch of kids with their thundersticks via google...) were handed out to everyone. These blow-up tubes were used to cheer for the Hawks or to intimidate the Pistons when shooting a freethrow. "Thuuuundersticks..." came the ominous voice from all around the arena and everyone would bang them togethere like there was no tomorrow. I saw someone going so crazy with them that I thought she would explode!

I won't give you a play-by-play...if you want that you can go here. The game was a ton of fun and it was great to be able to see Wallace, Hamilton (the top player of the game!), and Prince in real opposed to TV. I watch a lot more sports now that I'm dating Mike. Heck, I even know which teams are in the NFC and AFC playoffs.


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