Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brotherhood of Cheerful Service

I am member of the Boy Scouts of America. If any one reading this is also a Boy Scout, you can tell by the arrow around my neck in the 2nd picture (pink ribbon and all!) that I am working hard to get

It took me a long time to decide whether or not I really should get one. Would I be a flapper? Or would I be a true arrow(wo)man? Would I seriously uphold what WWW mean? Would I attend Spring & Fall Fellowships, Dixies, Winter Banquets, other AKK events?

I missed Fall Fellowship because I was at a babyshower for a woman in my small group who I didn't really know, but I would now say is my friend. I am going to be missing the Winter Banquet because I will be going to a surprise party for friend.

Someone once told me that people should be able to tell whether or not someone is in the Order by their actions, not by their sash. (Well, because I'm a girl, no one would guess me being in the Order!) I hope that, even though I'm unable to attend Lodge-wide events, that I truly live out what it means to be in the Order of the Arrow.


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Tokyo Pink said...

you're so freaking CUTE


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