Tuesday, January 23, 2007

all i can think about is food.

i bought an awesome new chair today from goodwill. it's matches my bedroom exactly.

and made me realize that my room is smaller than i though

and i have no furniture arranging talent

i also hung up some cafe rods today...but they have yet to have curtians

i was at the gym today. whenever i set the machine (elitical, bike, whatever) to a certain plan...like, say, a hill (my favorite, only Lord knows why!)...i always end up dropping the resistance level when it gets hard. i won't say that it is entirely because i am lazy, but i just don't have the energy to make it up that hill. i've never worked out before now.

and all it makes me is hungry.

pasta, sundried tomatoes, spinach, garlic, olives...yummy. here i come!



JoeBlogs said...

food glorious food...(from Oliver)

Tokyo Pink said...

cheater! okay, don't do hill, do random, fat burning, or cardio. Cardio is my favorite


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