Thursday, December 21, 2006

A transformation that is long in the making

The chasm between the Roman catholic church and the evangelical protestant church is vast. I know, I am in many ways a part of both.

Easter Sunday 2006 was my the first service at North Hills Community Church. The message was good, but certain things left me feeling grateful for the reverence and formality of my own church, St. Mary's Catholic Church.

My ever loving boyfriend continued to invite me to his church while I invited him to mine. Soon enough we were riding on that church roller coaster that was not unfamiliar to me: fitting two religions into one relationship. I realized that I could not continue to do this.

The more I went to this new church, the more I loved it and the body of Christ that it contained. It began to be a church that I called my own. I then realized for the first time, the vast similarities and stark differences within my two churches. I felt as though a child of the two religions. My "parents" had divorced and joint custody was not at option. I had to choose one.

What does a girl do in this situation? I cried in confusion and frustration. I called out to my heavenly Father for wisdom and guidance. I prayed that my earthly father would not find out, not yet.

I have since discussed this with my family and some of those within church family. Mike helps a lot. He does not want to sway my thoughts and to make a decision based on him. As I told my mother, "Don't blame this on Mike. He's not that important."

What is important is God.
What is important is truth.

There is much more detail to this story that I am omitting. I merely request your prayers as I am still struggling with a lot of things. But know that I am ever grateful to where He has brought me. If you knew my actions and heart at this time last year, you would be hard pressed to recognize me by my actions and heart today.

For that, I am thankful.


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Anonymous said...

In all those places you find humble Christians, there will you find your church.


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