Friday, December 29, 2006

The Last

What was...
The last movie you watched? "You've Got Mail"...Wednesday night with Mike

The last song you listened to? Ummm...something by Fergie came on the radio on my way to work...

The last book you read? "Searching For Mary Poppins" by Susan Davis at Barnes & Noble last night

The last thing you ate? Hot dogs and apple enticing lunch, I know...

The last thing you drank? Figi water

The last scent you smelled? I just put some smelly-good lotion on my hands...

The last dessert you ate? I had a couple of white chocolate & macadamia nut cookies over Christmas

The last thing you fell over? I almost tripped over a pair of shoes lying in the middle of my bedroom this morning.

The last picture you took? A picture of the Hungry Howie's pizza box.

Who was...
The last person you kissed? I just gave Alex and Lauren goodnight kisses.

The last person you hugged? Alex :-)

The last person you talked to on the phone? Sharon--just a few minutes ago.

The last person who made you cry? My own self

The last person who made you laugh? Alex. Every day.

The last person you saw? The cleaning people.

The last person you loved? I love a lot of people.

The last person who was mean to you? I can't remember.

The last person who was nice to you?
Mike is so nice. Very thoughtful and considderate.

When was...
The last time you ate? About two hours ago

The last time you slept? I almost fell asleep on the couch watching "Wonder Pets" with Alex

The last time you used the bathroom? Wouldn't that be classified at TMI?

The last time you cried? Last night.

The last time you laughed? Several times today.

The last time you hurt yourself? Intentionally? Never. Though I did almost start my hair on fire the other day.

The last time that you listened to a CD all the way through? Tuesday. The Slack Republic rocks!

The last time you spent a night over at someone else's house? Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night I spent at my parent's house.

The last time you spent with a friend? Last night I hung out with Mike.

The last time you had sex? Never.

The last time you did drugs? Ditto. (Although I did get some controlled substances with I had my wisdom teeth pulled.)

The last time you cursed? I really try not to curse--I don't even like it when the people on TV or in songs curse.

The last time you prayed? Last night. [No, I have not had to pray for patience and strength to get me through my day...yet ;-)]

The last time you wished you were dead? Never!

The last time you wished someone else was dead? Ditto!

The last time you wished you didn't have to end something? I guess there were several things that I didn't want to end initially but it was good that I did and now I'm glad that I did and I'm better for it.

The last time you played a videogame? I play collapse on my phone daily.

The last time you watched TV? About 1/2 hour ago.

The last time you wrote something down on paper? Yesterday, I was writing in my day planner.

The last time you smiled? When I put Alex to bed and we read "Where The Wild Things Are"

The last time you were truly happy? Oh, I am truly happy! :-)

The last time that you were sad? Last night, I was both sad and happy and touched and dissapointed.

The last time you told someone that you loved them? Before I tucked Alex in.

The last time someone told you they loved you? Alex said it back to me.

The last time you sent an email? Yesterday, I think I e-mailed Mike.

The last time you used IM programs to talk to someone? Several months ago.

The last time you updated your blog/webpage/livejournal/etc? A few days ago.

The last time that you sat and thought about your life? Last night.

The last time in which you declared "I hate you!"? Oh, I can't recall having said that and truly meant it.

The last time you downloaded something off the internet? I updated FireFox on my computer last week.


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