Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Land of...well...a lot of things

I'm writing and editing copy for one of Mike's websites right now. In the process I'm having to do a lot of fact checking (via Wikipedia...does that still count as fact checking?) and so I'm learning an awful lot about northern Afghanistan locales. It's pretty interesting. I never even heard of Marco Polo sheep until today!

School is out, hurrah. I've got final grades for 3 out of 4 classes. And my mediocre grades really make me want to crank down so I can get the grades I know I deserve. You know what my problem was? I skipped classes too much (oh, but it's just so easy!) and forgot to do homework assignments. So, my grades thus far are as follows:

Western Civilization Post 1689: C
Intro to Philosophy: ???
Human Growth & Development: C
Intermediate Algebra: B

OMG, I could have totally done better. A new semester is on the horizon. A fresh start. American Government, College Algebra, Speech (eek!), and Creative Writing.

Oh, I am so excited about my creative writing class! Huzzah!

Tonight is a (2nd? 3rd?) birthday dinner. This one at my parents house with everyone! Mom, Dad, Leo, Mary, me, Jeff, and Mike. Yay. I get to find out what Jeffaroni got my for my b-day. Turning twenty-two has totally rocked.

Okay, well, back to searching for comma splices!


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