Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas gas gas!

So, I have a gas stove and I need HELP. [By the way, those of you in my Shepherding Group...I apologize for the cookies that I'm going to bring was my first time baking in a gas oven....]

Mike came over and I made linguini with sun-dried tomatoes. That's right oooh and aaaah. It was very easy and I got the recipie from a cook book called "365 20-Mintue Recipes." Oddly enough, a lot of the 20-minute meals are comprised of fancy ingredients that I don't usually have in my kitchen...but I suppose it's a decent enough way to expand my culinary skills. Once can only make baked spaghetti and chicken-and-rice so many times. Of course...the stuffed chicken never goes outta style. ;-)

Anyhow, the actual dinner was okay, Mike liked it well enough. (or so he said)

But after he left, I remembered that I had yet to bake the cookies that I said I would bring and Mike said would be good. So, I baked them like I thought I should. And the took too long and didn't flatten out properly.

I haven't tasted one yet.

Anyhow...if you have helpful hints for cooking on a gas range or baking in a gas oven I would very much appreciate it!


1 comment:

Milwaukee Girl said...

I'm looking for this too ... we won't even discuss how bad the pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving turned out in my gas oven ... yikes.


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