Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah

Today has been a good day. It's Christmas Eve--finally. This year has really flown by, there is only one week left until 2007!

I went to church--my church. It's weird to be distinguishing my church as being different from my parents. And in reference to my previous blog "transformation," while many people may think that I'm over playing religion, you've probably never had to tell your parents that you are leaving the Catholic church. That is a big deal. I'm not saying anyone was's just probably a bigger deal than most people realize. So many of my friends have absolutely no idea what a hard thing it was to do and how hard it is to deal with the still occuring consequences.

But I digress. I wanted to talk about Christmas! I'm finally finished with everyone's presents. (Okay, well, I'm almost finished with my brothers.) And I delivered the Godlewski's gifts today. Alex and Lauren each got a book, slippers, and a University of Michigan t-shirt (Jeff is an Ohio State fan...). Jeff and Janelle got a gift card to P. F. Chang's (a Chinese bistro that I hear is really good) and a certificate good for one night of free babysitting!


Christmas is so hyped up on gifts isn't it? I think that next year, I'm not going to give out gifts. I'm going to give to a charity or something. That's such a better name. I hear that you can "adopt" a crocodile from a zoo for a year or some thing (no, not really adopt it! send it some money and name it or something...) and I think that would be a cool thing to do for kids. The over emphasis on gifts is too much, I think. I already told Mike that next year, I don't want us to exchange gifts. Doesn't it seem that gifts is really what Christmas is about sometimes? Because you have to go out and spend all kinds of money on stuff that may not even be remembered next year.

I feel jaded.

Despite my negativity on gifts, I am giving my family the most awesome gifts ever. I'm very excited for Christmas morning. I was way thoughtful this year. And then I realized that sometimes, it's more expensive to be thoughtful.

But hey, that's the price you pay to be the favorite. (Just kidding!)

Merry Christmas to all my readers!


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