Thursday, November 2, 2006

undue emotions

undue emotions tend to show themselves as something else
so i pretend to be feeling like i'm not
it's a totally farce that i wear to show off my confidence in what
in self?
well, peanuts to that
maybe if i were to be true to myself
and to those around me who really matter
these undue emotions would

on another subject...the apartment search is not going well. i set off today to look at several lovely apartments. the two that i had my hopes set on got SNATCHED out from under my nose. one was in a baaaad neighboorhood (no thanks, i said, i'm trying to get out of a bad neighborhood), another was okay but i didn't really like it. but i guess, when my lease runs out in less than 30 days, i don't have the option of being picky!

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