Friday, November 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #21

13 Things Tiffany is thankful for

1…. All the amazing blessings that God has gifted me with lately.
2.... Mike--and all the wonderful things that come with knowing him.
3.... My amazing family.
4.... Amazing friends who will help me move my heavy sleeper sofa.
5.... A new apartment.
6.... Alex, Lauren, Jeff, and Janelle--an amazing family that make my days wonderful and my job more than just work.
7.... North Hills Community Church and my Shepherding Group
8.... Learning new things--sometimes I get really annoyed with school, but I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to go.
9.... Awesome friends.
10.... Softlips®
11.... poetry, photography, philosophy, psychology
12.... 2-layer pumpkin pie!
13.... Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song--- Turkey for me, Turkey for you, Let's eat the turkey, In my big brown shoe, Love to eat the turkey, At the table, I once saw a movie, With Betty Grable, Eat that turkey, All night long, Fifty million Elvis fans, Can't be wrong, Turkey lurkey doo and, Turkey lurkey dap, I eat that turkey, Then I take a nap

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