Friday, November 3, 2006

Pumpkin Pail

The house is clean.
The children are napping.
And I just nibbled on pilfered candy (yes, from someone's pumpkin-o-candy)...

The day that seemed longer than a drive to Detroit in a sedan with my family is now looking up.

Oh, and it's almost 4pm...which means I have two hours of work left to go. Not that I count down the hours or anything...not really.

I have an exciting weekend ahead of my and the rest of the month is sure to be anxiety-filled.

I'm going up to one of the many small towns "about 1/2 hour outside of Detriot" next week. It's my grandma's funeral. My Dad's step-mom. It's really weird that she's gone. We weren't, like, really close or anything, but she's still my grandma, and she was way cool. She was really sick too, so it wasn't like a surprise. And even though I know that she's in a better place, and that this is what God wanted to happen, it sucks. I think of all the things that I could have done or wanted to do that I never did. But focusing on that doesn't help anyone. I'm not sure how I'll feel or act when I get there, but I'm glad that my sis will be with me. She is someone that I can really just talk to about how it is with things like this.

After I get back from the trip, I have twenty-days to find a new home. And it seems like every door that is opening is being closed again. Like I'm being teased with an awesome affordable place to live. Someone is meanly dangling it in front of my nose and getting me all excited and then yanking it away! I know that God will provide and that even as I ask for His help, that he is currently helping me. I know that God will show me another awesome and affordable place to live. So, I've just gotta stop stressing about it.

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