Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Apartment - Day 5

Oh, did I not tell you? I got a new apartment. It's super. It's a cute 1BR/1BA in the downtown area. No hardwood floors and no washer/dryer...but it's inexpensive and safe. I can't really ask for more. It's pretty spacious too. Oh, and get this...there is some sort of old fashioned fireplace in my bedroom. It doesn't work but it does have a mantle! I definitely like my new apartment much better than my old one.

I am so blessed!

Almost all of my bills are in my name now. Crazy. Just a two more years 'til my school financing (courtesey of PAYUP, John Heuser, CEO) runs out and then I'm on my own. Crazier.

Oh and I'm thinking about joining Mike's gym. Pretty convenient 'cause I can WALK to it from my home!


1 comment:

Milwaukee Girl said...

It sounds incredibly adorable! I just got a new place too - it's so great to be on my own! No cats I take it?


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