Tuesday, October 3, 2006


I've updated my other blog, Not Really An Artist, with new poetry. I always read my poems to Michael to get his approval before writing anything in my blog. He likes my writing and says that my poetry is philosophical. Wow, that's kind of cool! I don't really think of myself as philosophical.

Once, I head a musican say, "Don't ever date a songwriter or you'll end up in lyrics!" Well, the same may be said for poets. Many people in my life end up in my poems. I know that I have ended up in some of my sister's poetry.

The worst, is when I write when I am very tired. My perception is skewed and my emotions are haywire (read: cranky and irritable!) and I've written a poem or two about a special someone at that time (not good poems, I was upset!) only to read it the next day and want to tear it up!

My diary too! I'll be all angry and irrational (because I'm sleep deprived and I've blown something out of proportion) and I'll write a diary entry that is complete crap.

Haha. Oh well. It's fun to read later.


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