Thursday, September 7, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 20

Thirteen Things about Tiffany Anne

1…. I thought that I had a Western Civ (post 1689) test, an Intro to Philosophy test, and a Human Growth & Development test all on the same day. As it turns out, I was wrong. :-)

2…. I have a Western Civ test and a Human Growth & Development test on Tuesday. And an Intro to Philosphy test and an Intermediate Algebra test on Thursday. Blah!!!

3…. I have realized that there really is no one in the world quite like a good friend. So, if I call you up wanting to hang out and get coffee (or O-CHA!!!) then it's because I want to cultivate (or re-cultivate) our friendship. Because I miss it. :-)

4…. I used to think that going out for coffee was something that only straight-laced losers and people under 21 would forego drinking alcohol for. I honestly did. Of course, I was in a different state of mind when I thought that. I go out for coffee a lot these days, and the conversations I have in coffee shops and tea bars is leaps and bounds above the drunken ones I used to have.

5…. I have this huge issue that is on my mind right now. So far, only four people know. I was really stressed out about it, and then I gave it to God. And that gave me peace. I'm asking for clairity and wisdom. But I told God to please make it really obvious, because as observant as I can be sometimes, I'm really slow too. Haha.

6…. I've started taking pictures again. I took a couple AWESOME pictures of my babies (Alex and Lauren...awww) and then some of Francesca (Sharon's 2 yr. old). They are turning out really well, even though I'm using a crappy camera. :-)

7…. I've also started to write my poetry again. I like it. I got inspired by just random things. In the right hand column, you can see a link for "Not Really An Artist" and that is my other blog where I post my photography, my poetry, and sometimes random quotes.

8…. I bought a diary last week. It's my "lovely read leather book" and it is quite lovely. It's got a little heart embossed on it. The first page says "Il mio diario..." and the last page says "Fine...". I pour my heart into it--the things that I don't feel that I can or should share on here or with anyone else.

9…. Late at night, I get irrational. I get irritable and grumpy. I get emotional and I blow things out of perspective. I often write in my diary around 12:35AM. And I mentally hit myself when I read what I wrote the next morning. Haha.

10…. I don't care if it is a "youth" bible. It's so much easier to read.

11…. I still haven't looked at aparments. And it doesn't look like I'll be able to do it today! Ha. So, maybe Monday. I have Monday off. I shall study and look at apartments. And go for coffee with a friend.

12…. Mike and I rented "Born Into Brothels" the other night. "Born into Brothels" is a documentary about children who live in the red light district of Calcutta. Their mothers are prostitues. Those sweet kids who you get to know in watching the film have amazing stories to tell. It was such a sad thing to see. One child said that he didn't believe that "hope" was something that was in his future. It saddens my heart to think about it.

13…. Last but not least... (aproximately) 17 months and 23 days until my braces come off. Hurrah.

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Matt said...

I am very disappointed that I have not received "the come get coffee with me" call.

Milwaukee Girl said...

I was wondering if you and Mike were still together - so glad to see you are!

Candy Minx said...

Very exciting list of goals and things you are doing what with school and children and praying for guidance with a stresful situation...good luck with all your desires and projects!

here is my TT list..


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