Friday, September 15, 2006

René Descartes had too much time to think

"I must once and for all seriously undertake to rid myself of all the opinions which I had formerly accepted, and commence to build anew from the foundation if I wanted to establish any firm and permanent structure in the sciences." (Meditations on First Philosophy)

Got it. Descartes decided that he had to challenge everything that he knew as it might be an illusion. De omnibus dubitandum a.k.a. everything is to be doubted. So, Descartes doubted everything, until he could find a proposition that was unquestionable.

Like, seriously, he doubted everything.

Because sometimes in my dreams I'm sitting around hanging out with friends, but in reality, I'm in my bed asleep. Then how do I know that I'm not always dreaming? I could say that this couch that I am sitting on is a couch--a very comfortable couch at that. But I could be asleep. Therefore, this couch might not be a couch.

No, I'm not kidding. Descartes philosophy gets better.

Because what about mathematics. Whether or not I'm awake or alseep doesn't change the fact that two plus three equal five. Two plus three always equals five.

UNLESS...the God that we know is an Evil Genius and corrupts even the smallest things that we think. Two plus three equals five...unless God is an Evil Genius. Therefore, two plus three may not equal five.

I think, therefore I am. (Discourse on Method and Meditations)

I am, I exist. (Meditations)
This we must know. If I am awake, if I am asleep, even if God is an Evil Genius, nothing can change the fact that I exist. The body that I exist in may only be a dream, but my mind is real. As long as I am thinking, I am existing. I am here.

Sooo...that's what I'm learning in skool.


p.s. I don't think that God is an Evil Genius


Anonymous said...

ok so i've tried commenting a million times with my blogger account sign in and it's not letting me. geh.

anyway...what i've been trying to say is that i added you to the sidebar links on my real blog ( and i'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts here. your photos are great too..
hope your day is going well!


Matt said...

I think your picture rocks! Of course, totally unrelated to this post. But it rocks enough to invoke a comment.


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