Monday, September 18, 2006

The Pocket Muse

The Pocket Muse is a book I picked up last fall when I was knee deep in fiction, poetry, and drama for my English Composition II class. It is a book of insipration for when you want to write but can't seem to know what to write about.

This is the first time I've used it. I cannot wait to use it more.
My first Pocket Muse post can be found on Not Really An Artist. It is short piece called, "My Sweet Boy," and it is about a mother who loves her son dearly and the life they together endure.

"It is the deepest desire of every writer, the one we never admit or ever dare to speak of: to write a book we can leave as a legacy. And although it is easy to forget, wanting to be a writer is not about reviews or advances or how many copiers are printed or sold. It is much simpler than that, and much more passionate. If you do it right, and if they publish it, you may actually leave something behind that can last forever." --Alice Hoffman, from The New York Times

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