Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mike Mix

The trip down to Georgetown was fun. We didn't leave Simpsonville until around 6:20pm and it took us about four hours to get to Harmony. I plugged my music in and sang out at the top of my lungs. You know I'm comfortable with someone if I'll sing in the car with them. After Billy Joel and I were done serenading Mike, I turned to my favorite playlist. My "Mike Mix."


You know how there's always a song (or hundred) that make you think about someone? Well, I complied them all. Not take Mike likes all of them, haha. I've got Copeland and Jonathan Rice and Eva Cassidy and Martina McBride. It's an interesting selection of artists.

So far, Mike and I have lounged around Glenn's house, not doing much anything. It's been a good relaxing morning, yay for that.

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DOC said...

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