Friday, September 29, 2006

A Life of Convenience!

So, I found this apartment. It seems a little too good to be true. It's exactly what I need! A 1BR/1BA basement apartment in the Agusta Rd area. It's $400/month + utilities.

It's convenient to school and Mike and not-inconvenient to work. (Convenient to work would be living in the Golden Strip and that is inconvenient to everything else!)

I have an appointment to go check it out tomorrow at 9:00am. I hope it turns out to be a good fit! I really need a new place to live, and soon! My lease ends in 60 days!

1 comment:

sweet Jeanie said...

i realy loved your blog ,
i wish if you put a link to my blog
and i'll return the favor ,i'll put a link to your beautiful blog
thank you and i wish you good luck


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