Saturday, August 26, 2006

How was school today, dear?

School started August 17th. I'm taking:

HIS 102 - Western Civilization Post 1689
My teacher for this class is Art Smith. Now, I can't say that I've ever really heard anything positive about this class. It is generally understood that Art Smith is one of the (if not the) most difficult teachers on campus. But I remembered when I took Ramsey's class back in my sophomore year ('99-'00) and I was terrified. Mr. Ramsey taught me a thing or two about believing rumours. So, I've decided to approach this class (HIS 102) with a postive attitude. We're on late 17th century Europe. You know absolutism, monarchies, Louis XIV, Peter the Great, a big fiasco in England with the royal line....did you know that even to this day, if a memeber of the royal family married a catholic, they'd have to give up their right to the throne, because England doesn't want a catholic monarchy?! So far, Mr. Smith has been a great teacher. Just ask me that again after I've takem my first test!

PHI 101 - Intro to Philosophy
Now, as I was trying to decide which classes to take, I was torn in the philosophy department. Should I take Intro to Philosophy or should I take Logic? The only two philosophy classes left at GTC. I've already taken Ethics a.k.a. Moral Philosphy with Dr. Bryson (which I loved!!!). And I could have Dr. Bryson again if I took Logic. Well, Mike suggested I take Intro and maybe I'd do better in my next Philo class that way. You know, laying a foundation for what I might learn and all. So, I did. I'm learning an awful lot and I'm really enjoying it. We've studied the pre-socratics, the sophists, and Socrates so far. And it's been really interesting.

PSY 203 - Human Growth & Development
This class, I'm enjoying so far. Learning a lot. We've been looking at different developmental theories and such. Behaviorism vs. Psychoanalysis. My teacher, Dr. Xanthia Harkness, talks fast! Ha, but I do to, so I'm able to get it all in. I am so grateful that I got into this class. Last semester I tried to take a psych class (either Human Growth & Development or Human Sexuality) and I couldn't get into a cool one. So I took Human Relations. Which ended up being the lowest level psych class available. (I've already have 201 - General Psych.) But we won't go into that. One of my exercises in this class requires me to have access to a 18 - 24 month old child. Good thing I'm a nanny!

MAT 102 - Intermediate Algebra
Okay. So, in the fall of 2002, I took MAT 130 - College Calculus. I hated it and I failed misserably. So, now, FOUR years later (can you believe it's been that long???) I'm taking a fairly low-level math compared to what I four years ago. I'm understanding this all though. And, unlike last year, I'm doing all of my homework. Oh, and guess what? I have Donald Griffin, the same teacher who I had for MAT 130.


Anyway, school the 2nd time around is going much better. I think it's because I actually am putting for some effort and CARING about whether or not I pass!!

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