Thursday, August 3, 2006

Fancy Shawl Dance

So, some of you may have seen my picture and wondered: What the heck is Tiffany doing?

Well, this summer, I took part in a dance pagent/powwow hosted by Order of the Arrow Lodge 185, Atta Kulla Kulla. (A lodge that I joined this summer!)

My dance is a Fancy Shawl Dance and it didn't start until the 1950s when one young woman wanted to be able to express herself in dance the same way that young men could. When I dance, I am supposed to resemble a butterfly.

(courtesy of John Heuser)The regalia I wore includes a dress, an apron/bib, leggings, mocasins, and--of course--a big flashy shawl. All of this regalia belongs to the lodge (except the jewelry worn which I made and designed to match the outfit.) I am planning on making my own regalia (I've only made my own mocasins so far...) and what I am going to do is find a butterfly that I think is really pretty, and design my regalia after that butterfly.

Too cool, I know.

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