Monday, July 31, 2006


  • I learned a lot this summer.
  • I learned more than just how to run a store.
  • I learned the difficulties of being somebody's boss.
  • I learned how absorbent I am of my surroundings and just how detrimental or beneficial that can be.
  • I learned just how lucky I truly am.
  • I learned that silliness has it's time and place.
  • I learned what it was like to be genuinely disliked.
  • I learned to tell people, "I appreciate you."
  • I learned what a co-ed dorm would be like.
  • I learned the value of respect.
  • I learned that the words "I love you," can change your entire day.
  • I learned how to find loop-holes in my day to find that person who would say those words to me.
  • I learned humility and the importance thereof.
  • I learned that friends love you no matter what.

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