Saturday, June 10, 2006

Resident Camp - A Pirate Adventure

Arrrg, matey. That was the theme of the Cubbies resident camp this year. Last year it was a Space theme. Next year? Wild West.

Well, I worked for 9 days straight. And now I'm home for a little bit. I never realized how much work Russell did! It was okay, though, I greatly enjoyed it.

Here what's new:
  • I have more keys than I know what to do with.
  • I'm rooming with Stephanie and I love it.
  • I'm fancy dancing in the OA Dance Pagent.
  • I get to dance every week.
  • Reno is June 18 - 24 (Sunday - Friday of 2nd Week)
I miss Mike. He left on Friday. I last talked to him around 1pm on Friday. I won't get to talk to him again for three weeks. And that is awful. He made me a CD. It's all professional looking and all, him being a graphic designer. It's called SummerSongs for Tiffany and it has "Wicked World" by Jon Auer on it. 'You're all I want in this wicked world...'

He also sent me flowers. :-) Daisies. They're my favorite, you know. I checked the mail today and found a package for me. It was his leather bracelet and a letter.

These three weeks had better pass by quickly. I miss Mike.

1 comment:

Milwaukee Girl said...

How cute are you?

They always say distance makes the heart grow fonder - and just imagine that "I missed you so much" kiss when you see him!


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