Saturday, May 6, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #17

13 Things about Tiff-izzle

1. I took my last exam Thursday. School is offically over for the summer. The previous post shows my final grades. Right now, I've only got my Ethics grade back, but I'm feeling positive.

2. I may have even passed Anthropology.

3. There was Thursday night. Fr. Chris was giving a talk on vocations and stuff. (I know, I'm so eloquent, right?) It was pretty cool.

4. was playing at after Theology Au Latte. Mike and I got to hear "Hallelujah" (the Jeff Buckley song) before having to leave.

5. Friday night was the big date. "Lend Me A Tenor" at the and then wine and tapas at The Cazbah. Well, that was the plan. It ended up being Mike and me plus my parents and my sis & Jeff. We went to the play and then went back to the apartment for wine and dinner. But the chinese place was closed so Mary & Jeff picked up Taco Bell.

6. Mike and I went to pick up some wine. We got these two:
Barefoot Wine, White Zinfandel
Three Blind Moose, Merlot

7. Mary & Jeff were the first to leave, followed by Mom & Dad. Mike stayed until nearly 1am before heading out himself. Then I made my way to Modern to see Bang!Bang! This band was incredible. And I was wearing a cute twirly skirt. (fun to dance in)

8. Some weird old guy started talking to me and this is what was said:
Man: ::something in a different language::
Me: Uhh...I don't know what you just said.
Man: Aren't you Korean?
Me: No
Man: Where are you from?
Me: America.
Man: ::annoyed look::
::innocent look::
Man: No, I mean...where..I mean, what kind...what is your, uh...ethnicity?
Me: Filipino, Engish, German, Irish, and Spanish.
Man: Yeah, that girl was filipino too. Her man couldn't even speak her language.
Me: I can't speak tagalog either. Well, "Kumusta kayo?" and that's as far as I get.
Man: You know what I want to know?
Me: What's that?
Man: Why are people so ashamed of where they're from?
Me: I'm from California...I'm not ashamed of that.
Man: No, but you said "America." You're filipino. Are you ashamed of being filipino?
Me: No. But I'm not ashamed of being American either. I've lived here for twenty-one years...and coincidentally enough, that's how old I am.

It continued a bit more, but needless to say, he really annoyed me. He started lecturing me about Filipino politics and I was like, what the heck? I live in South Carolina, I don't even know about American politics, what do you want me to know about PI politics? So I said this: "You know what I know about Filipino politics? Emelda Marcos own, like, three thousand pairs of shoes. That's what I know."

10. Tonight, I'm going to have thai food for dinner with my superfly friends.

11. I'm going to still be a nanny after camp. Isn't that super-fan-tabulous? It is. I love my kiddies. I won't be comming back to camp next year. I've worked my way up the hirearchy of camp and I'm where I wanted to be. That's good enough for me.

12. iPods are great. Mike is letting me use his old one and it's so great. I get to listen to all my music in my car. It's awesome. It has an FM transmitter on it. Soo cool. I love technology.

13. I know this is late. Mike was like: just save this for next week. No! I will not! I'm two days late, but here it is!

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