Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Fancy Cam

Mike let me use his fancy digital SLR camera today. I played around a bit and I took a couple of really cool shots. Hmm...maybe I should invest in one.


Daddy..... said...

Very nice photo's Tiff - was that heart really in the sky - or did you make that??? BTW, you may want to make a change to your wording: "I'm just do what I really like." could use some work. Keep up the good work!

Tiffany said...

Those heart pictures aren't mine, they came with a template. I guess I should clarify that.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany, I love it! I am crazy about flower pictures. Keep it up. I also have been considering a digital camera. I doubt I could do as good as you, but I would like to try.

Now I know what a blog is!
Love you, Grandma Ele


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