Thursday, May 4, 2006


I get to keep my apartment! Hurrah. I wooed my parents with my domestic skillz. So, when Adam comes to visit, he gets a guest room instead of the couch.

"Yeah, that's cool, because I have a friend coming down to visit me from Connecticut."
"Oh, that's great!"
"Yeah, and now he can use my guest room."
::pause:: "Don't tell your dad these things."


Milwaukee Girl said...

The dialogue is hilarious! Congrats

A.G. Lewis said...

Who could be this 'Adam' from Connecticut? What sort of fool resides in a state of such odd spelling and pronunciation? I mean really. "Connecticut"?

Have you seen a map of the state? It's got this bizarre notch cut out of the top. Massachusetts stole it and hasn't given it back yet.

I imagine this 'Adam' to be a pretty cool, laid back, Superman-almost-obsessed, goofy, really nice, high-energy, brown-haired guy. That's what he'd be like.

(How do i know these things? The world may never know.)


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