Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You make me wanna la-la

It's officially offical. I have a boyfriend.

And life is good.

I made stuffed peppers & salad for dinner last night. I like cooking for someone else, because otherwise, I'm not going to cook at all. I like preparing dinner. I like chopping olives but I hate chopping tomatoes. I like making things and watching it all come together. I made salad dressing...sort of (it came from a packet).

I also drink more wine when I cook. Haha.

We ate with Six Pence None The Richer playing low and when we finished up John 3, jazz music was making it's way from the speakers.

A simple decision has become complicated. Should I go out for drinks & dinner tonight with Orin? I am unsure. He isn't making my decisions for me, but I ran it across Mike, just so he would know. I have homework to do and finals to study for. So I think I'll make it a quick drink. And make sure that Orin keeps his hands to himself.

I'm very happy.

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