Friday, April 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #16 (doing it on a friday)

Thirteen Things About Tiffany

1. I finally managed to turn in some Anthropology homework. I've only turned in 3 Annual Editions the entire year. I got them into her box at 9pm! Barely in time.

2. I skipped English and Anthro today to write my english paper. But the prof wasn't in his office or the Writing Center when I got to school. Lucky for me, he emailed us and said we could e-mail him any missing work. I ♥ you Prof.

3. I miss Mike. Hate to say that because this is only day #3 that he's been gone, but oh well. I haven't been able to talk to him. But he says he may be able to call tonight.

4. "Beer For My Horses" is stuck in my head...'take all the rope in Texas, find a tall oak tree. Round up all of them bad boys hang 'em high in the tree. For all the people to see'

5. Both Alex and Lauren hit me today. Then they went down for naps. Seriously. They hit me.

6. I got to talk to Mike on AIM today. That was the first 'real time' interaction we've had since he's left.

7. Max text messaged me last night. One word: "drinking." I don't know why he text messaged me, but he could have only wanted one thing. And I'm assuming that he was very drunk. I ignored it.

8. I kinda broke down on the phone with Adam the other day. Not sure why, but I did. Adam's a super friend.

9. I have an aproximately 15 hour work day today. Oh My Gosh. Jeff & Janelle are going to a fancy dinner and then to a concert with some friends. They won't be home until around 11. Where's the AMP when I need it?

10. I made dinner for one last night. It wasn't that great. Just chicken and rice and some leftover salad. I had strawberry cheesecake icecream for dessert. Yum. I'm glad Mike wanted to get that Ben & Jerry's ice cream the other day.

11. I'm in a dire mood for Modern tonight and I don't get it. Don't get Earshot either, 'cause I have to work.

12. It's gross to be mushy. But if you've got the right person, gross is fun.
"Oh look, he misses me tons."
"Jeff never misses me tons."
"No. He misses me Mare-a-bunches."

13. I think everyone should have verizon so I don't have to pay to call you

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Gabrielle said...

happy friday :) better late than never... thanks for visiting my t13 :)


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