Sunday, April 9, 2006

Charleston Day 2

Saturday was a lot of fun. First, we went downtown and had breakfast with some of the other deacon candidates at the Mills House. Yum yum. Then we went back to the cathedral for a Mass for the deacon candidates. Followed by a reception. Yum yum again.

Later, we drove down to SeaBrook Island to see my dad's friend's boat. It was fun.

I took pictures of the boat.

And of the line.

And of the dock.

And of my feet on the dock.

And someone took one of me:

There was a storm a-commin' so we made our way to Folly Island and took shelter from the storm in a little hole-in-the-wall bar.

Mucho fun.

That evening, seminarian Mike and I hung out! Hurrah. We met up at his chuch and had dinner at the Hominy Grill which was very yummy. We got spanish wine. Delicious.

Adam returned my call, much to my excitement. But I couldn't talk long and agreed to call him later.

After the Hominy Grill, we went up to North Charleston (singing Cherry Poppin' Daddies the whole way) and met up with his friend Mike at a nice Irish pub. It was very nice.

We were there for quite sometime. And then went downtown to Market Street. CRAZY! The places was full of stumbling college kids. Haha. So, we wandered around a lot. He showed my the ocean, which was really nice at night. I leaned over the railing backwards to look at the water upsidedown and encoraged him to do the same. He did, but not before letting me know that it scared the hell out of him. :-)

We never did find a place downtown to go to, so we went to Waffle House. Yum Yum. Also full of stumbling drunkards. But it was delightfully yummy.

I got home around 3 or 4 am. As I was getting to bed, I walked into the wall because all of the lights were off.


Then...I fell asleep.

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Mrs. Fun said...

those are some great pics.


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