Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen Things that people call Tiffany.

1…. Tiff - generally everyone calls me this.
2…. Tiffy - mostly my daddy calls me this.
3…. Iffy - when we were young, Mary called me Iffy and I called her Nary. Sometimes we still do.
4…. Twin - this is what Leo calls us!
5…. Tee - Kelsey couldn't say "Tiffany" so, she just called me "Tee." I was "her Tee."
6…. Miss Tiffy - this is, of course, what Alex calls me.
7…. Tiffho - Amandho gave me this nickname.
8…. Lou Ann - I am Lou Ann, Mary is Mary Lou. Lou is for loser. It's with love.
9…. Hot Stuff
10…. Tiffizzle - Joe started this nick a lot of people call me 'Tiff-izzle' thanks to MySpace!
11…. Tiffster - Mallie calls me this.
12…. Tiffanator
13…. Tiffanation

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