Wednesday, March 29, 2006

things in life

A surprise trip to watch the sunset over the lake

Wanting to know all the details about me

Holding hands while brushing our teeth

Sending flowers to my house for no reason at all

Giving me something I've always wanted but never knew it

Being super happy to see me

Letting me know I've got a special place in your heart

"I love you."'s as simple as that



Evan said...

I think you may be a little too romantic. I mean that in the sense of expecting perfection too often. You're setting yourself up for a lot of dissapointment. I'm not advocating pessimism or anything, but if "the key to [your] heart is Chivalry" you're going to be perpetually let down--that is an unobtainable vision of perfection more than an anachronistic desire of a bygone era.

You said in a previous post,

"Shouldn't we be happy with who we are? So many people are so unhappy without a significant other. I say, that until you are happy WITHOUT a significant other, you'll not be happy WITH a significant other."

I can see how you list "conflicted" as a personal trait. However, that last statement is dead on.

Tiffany said...

Very true. I'm incredibly conflicted and confused. I think I know what I want, and then I change my mind. I say I have high standards but I always settle for less. I'm an unintentional hypocrite and I say what I never really mean. But I want to mean it.

Unobtainable. I want that.

You have no idea how much I appreciate a comment with actual insight for once. Thanks. :-)

Evan said...

"I say what I never really mean. But I want to mean it."

Does that mean you don't really "appreciate a comment with actual insight?" ;)

You may have already viewed "High Fidelity," but it is all about this conflict from the hyper-analyzed John Cusack perspective.

Tiffany said...

How about an edit: "I often say what I don't really mean."

I have already seen "High Fidelity" (because it has John Cuzak...and if that isn't reason to see a film, well, I don't know what is...) but it's been a while. I'm all about the hyper-analyzed. I'll have to rent it this weekend.


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