Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nancy Drew is groovy[Edited: 08 August 2006]

Saturday, I went to Brent's house to have dinner with Modern folk as well as Culture Prophet, Shock Cinema, and Measles Mumps and Rubella. The people from the bands were awesome. Desire and I danced to MMR at Ground Zero. Mucho fun. After all the bands were done, they were playing some bad love-boat type music and we were all dancing. Soo much fun. Even Brent & Scott were dancing.

Sunday was mucho fun as well. Mike met me for mass. He had a lot of questions about it. I'm glad he came, that was awesome. And then I get a call from my dad..."so I heard you were at mass with a boyyyy" *sigh* Parents. LOL. After Mass, we went to Sticky fingers for lunch. Then to O-cha for TRIVIAL PURSUIT!!! Our last game. Post Modern won, but just barely. Orangecoats & Ocha tied for 2nd. Mike joined the O-cha team for today. He suggested Risk as our next game. *gasp* that would be too much fun.

I listened to Tora Tora Tora on the way home and could barely keep still. I love Tora Tora Tora. OMG. Brent gave me his TTT cd. I heart him!

Goood weekend.


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