Friday, March 31, 2006

My stupidity never fails to surprise me... [Edited: 26 May 2006]

1) Going to the bars alone

2) Leaving the bar with J. (He said his friends were going to join us. Meaning M would join us, and I ? M)

3) Letting J in my car

4) Letting J stay in my car after he tried to pull a move on me. (I turned off the car and told him he could get out if he wanted, so he stopped.)

5) Flirting with J

6) Sitting in 221 for 45 minutes with J. His friends never showed up. He was annoying as hell. Then I looked over and saw something on his ring finger. You got it. I was at a bar with a married man. Ew.

7) Telling J I would drive him back to his car.

T: ::Pulled up to parking garage::
J: Go ahead and pull in.
T: I'm not paying money just to drop you off at your car.
J: It's okay, I'll pay for it.
T: That's illogical.
J: Well, then, pull into that parking lot just up there.
T: But this is so much closer to your car, it makes more sense. (And I'm not entirely stupid...though you wouldn't know it from this evening.)
J: No, it's okay.
::drives up road behind parking garage::
There, now you're right next to the elevator.
J: Why don't you pull up behind that car so we can talk.
T: I've got to be up really early.
::reaches over and opens the door for him::
J: Tiff...
::fake smile::
See you later!
::gets out of car without a word::

So, a few bad decisions last night that could have, I think, ended up a lot worse than it did. I wanted to say something to him like, "Why don't you go home and talk with your wife, you idiot?" I've met him several times before, but I had no idea he was married. As soon as I saw his ring, I felt so stupid and bad and just...stupid.

I just got done talking with Adam about how I'm working on reforming myself. i.e. not the kind of girl that goes to bars and picks up guys. Wow, great job. Why did I agree to hang out with J in first place? Because I wanted attention? I dunno.

Maybe just because I have a distinct lack of common sense.

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Ed Bremson said...

Well, live and learn, at least hopefully, right?


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