Sunday, March 19, 2006

Maxed out

I'll miss a thing or two
Or maybe even more
I'll miss you holding me up
When I'm falling to the floor

I'll miss your hand
Reaching for mine
I'll miss dancing together
Just to pass the time

I'll miss your smirk
And your devilish eyes
I'll miss they way you touch my cheek
When you kiss me goodbye

I won't miss the uncertainty
Of knowing who you are
I won't miss you flirting
With other girls at the bar

We knew what we were doing
And why we were there
Everything from A to B
Was just a little light fare

Thanks for your time
Thanks for your touch
A world of fun
Maybe I had too much

If I leave this now
I can remember this well
It will be a good experience
Not one in which I fell

We maxed out our share
Too long ago
But this is never goodbye
I'm sure that you know

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