Tuesday, March 21, 2006

He is only going to church with you because he wants to bang you [Edited: 26 May 2006]

Okay, sure, my sister and Orin did say that in a joking matter.


But not entirely.

Can't people just be cool friends? Gosh.

Everything has to always be so centered around SEX. Hey guys, guess know what? (As Alex always says...) It's not always about sex. It seems that all people ever care about is boyfriends and girlfriends and sex.

Maybe, sometimes, a girl just wants to be friends. Why does every hang out have to be a date?

But I digress, as always.

What I want to know is why people are so OBSESSED with finding a significant other? Shouldn't we be happy with who we are? So many people are so unhappy without a significant other. I say, that until you are happy WITHOUT a significant other, you'll not be happy WITH a significant other.

Hence the reason I gave up dating for Lent. (And maybe some time after that...) I need to focus on other parts of myself. I don't need to waste my time dating right now. Gosh, no! The funny thing is after I gave up dating, men surfaced. People starting expressing their like for me. The fact that they thought I was "the beez-neez". I mean, I am the coolest girl around, don't get me wrong, but now these guys think so too. The last thing I need right now is another date. There was a time when I was dating a couple men at the same time. That was confusing. So, I went from...what, five guys? to ZERO.

I'm sure that you think you would be very happy, if only you had someone to share that happiness with. But, think about this? How can you share happiness if you are not even happy in the first place? You've got to be solid first. Other wise, your house of sticks will fall. I am really trying to focus on important parts of me. Friends, school, church, and work. My future. All these men do give me something to write poetry about, but now I have to find other things to write about. Not that I'm that great anyway. (Just kidding...I'm fabuloso and you know it.)




p.s. He was not going to church with me just because he wanted to bang me. He's a decent guy.


A.G. Lewis said...

Hello my distant friend...

You're very right. I too have been going through this lately. How can i share a meaningful life with someone if i haven't found the meaning in my own? Having a girlfriend will justify, comfort, and fulfill nothing. At least not right now.

Having a significant other is a huge blessing, for sure, but you certainly got it right when you asked why everyone is so obsessed with finding that person? We've gone and gotten ourselves in a big search to find the answer to our problems. Some look for something. Most look for someone. But it's not, and they're not, what you're looking for. It's God.

What, religion? Spirituality? A deity? No. God. Jesus. The Holy Spirit. You see, God created you and wants to have a personal relationship. He wants to be your friend. Your best friend. And you need Him too, whether you'll admit it or not (even if you don't believe in Him). The more you try to find that missing relationship in other things (sex, work, drugs, alcohol, computer whatnot, tv), the more empty you become.

Because God's the only one capable of properly filling that void.

God's been working this into me lately. It's already built into my heart, He's just showing me where it's been this whole time. I had forgotten. I had lost focus.

Girls are great, but God is awesome. And i don't mean that in the slang, "Oh, awesome car, man," way. I mean that in the jaw dropped, can't-find-words, completely in awe way.

He'll show you who you are; who He made you to be. And until then, you're not ready for someone else. You have to know who you are first. And who you are can be found in who God is.

Girls, read "Captivating" by John & Stasi Eldrige

Guys, read "Wild At Heart" by John Eldrige

They've gone through these struggles, and their book(s) are a starting point. I read both. I'm beginning to understand who i am.

And i'm beginning to understand who God is.

Milwaukee Girl said...

Amen! And not just because you two went to church. Amen! Because it's ridiculous how people expect you to be with someone or something is wrong with you and it's also ridiculous how a guy (no matter how hot, or how dirty your mind gets) can't just be a friend.

Rock on with the lent Cupcake!


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