Friday, March 24, 2006

The good and the bad but the good is stronger

So, let's see...after being woken up at 1:15 AM from Brent-the-stupid-head calling me back (at 1:15??? couldn't you have waited until the next morning?) I woke up at 6:45AM. Go me.

When I get to work and say good morning to Alex, he grins at me but pretends not to notice me....until I turn off the TV and tell him to put his pacifier and friend (stuffed animal thing) back in his bedroom. After insisting that his daddy said he could (wrong, kiddo), he goes and asks Mommy. Who also tells him no. Gosh, people! I just want my paci!!

I chat with Janelle while she finishes getting ready. Lauren takes one look at me and bursts into tears. How comforting. I know what she is thinking. Oh no. She's back. Why is she back? Why can't I just stay with Mommy? Don't go Mommy. I know you're a doctor, but screw those kids. I'm way more important!

This morning...I did a little experiment. I decided to skip Lauren's AM nap. Good idea? Bad idea? WHINY and FUSSY idea. It wasn't so bad though.

We picked up the house (i.e. all of Alex's toys) so that when the cleaning people came, they would be able to, you know, clean. Have you ever tried to get a three year old to pick up all of his toys? Yeah? Not very easy. Wait...I mean...darn near impossible.

Around 10:30AM Louise calls and says that she's sick. She can't come today. I wish her well but when I hang up, I have to stop myself from cursing. That's what makes today so nice. I get ::trumpet blasts:: HUMAN INTERACTION! And Alex follows them around for two hours. It really makes my every-other-friday's go by quite nicely. But alas, they're not comming. I told Alex, and he said: But my house is dirty! (Which it's not. These people are very clean.)

Lauren fell of a chair. BAM, right to the floor. The poor doll took a minute to start crying because she was so surprised. She's not allowed to be on the kitchen chairs, but she loves to get up there anyway. I can't say I'm surprised that she fell. (Don't worry, she's fine. They're not high chairs or anything.) So, I held her, and comforted her for a few minute until her whimpers died down. And I wondered if this might teach her to stop climbing on those chairs. A few minutes later I learned my answer: NO.

Once Lauren was nice and calm and I was doing dishes in the kichen, she comes over to me. She wants to be picked up. Sorry, sweet pea, wait until I'm done with the dishes. She doesn't want to wait. So, as she's grabbing at my legs trying to climb up me, she bites me. That's right. Sank her teeny teeth into my thigh. I have a red mark to prove it. OH MY GOSH.

Alex spilled his drink and started crying. I offered him a new juice once we cleaned it up, but he didn't want a new juice. He wanted the juice that was all over the floor. Haha.

Poor Lauren was fussy all morning. Oh, and did I metion it rained so everything was wet. So we couldn't go outside?

Alex and Lauren spilled angel hair pasta and Trix cereal all over the kitchen floor. Hurrah.

And the bottom of my foot itched. Don't you HATE that?

Despite all of this, I realized that I was having a fantastic day. Wanna know why?

My headache is gone.

I wrote a few poems.

Alex told me he loves me.

Lauren fell asleep in my arms.

We had mac & cheese for lunch.

There were no toileting accidents.

It's pay day.

Weigh the pros and cons. I'll take all that crap and more just to have Alex tell me he loves me one more time.

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A.G. Lewis said...


I'm reading this thinking, "yeah, i know what those days feel like." I worked with up to 30 kids at a time when i was still at the daycare. I did it for four years, so i definitely know.

And then i thought, "Yeah...but that time a kid comes up and cuddles with you in front of a movie, or just in general. Or there's the moment a little one falls asleep in your arms. They feel that you're safe. And they'll show you. Or that hilarious moment when a kid does something that ONLY a kid can do. And you were there to see it."

That was the comment i would've left you. "Sorry about your day, Tiff, but..."

However, i go to the bottom and there it was. I got so excited that you found the good in the bad i wanted to give you several high-fives, a few smiles, a hug, and a bursting laugh. Some of that's because (like i said) i know exactly what that's like. But the rest of it's because you did it. You found those happy little things that make it all worth your time.

Keep it up, kid.

Reform comment: i'm glad to hear it.

Oh, and yes i'm a dork and proud of it.


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